Can You Reduce your Global Adjustment Cost?

Like taxes, it is impossible to avoid the Global Adjustment (GA).  It’s applied to every commercial account in Ontario.  In most cases, its shown as a separate line item.  In other instances, it’s rolled up into the commodity charge of the bill.  Despite GA being ever-present, it can be reduced!

As noted in Part 1, the cost is calculated by using the current consumption.  If you’re able to reduce your consumption through conservation initiatives or retrofit projects, your savings will be immediate and compounded.  You save, not only on Global Adjustment, but also on your current commodity costs.

As the price of energy rises, it’s important for all businesses to do their due diligence in bill scrutiny and managing consumption.  It has been our experience that hydro companies aren’t always forthright in their rationale for costs.  If you have any concerns or reservations about your bill, or if your accounts are being properly scrutinized, contact us!