At Powerhouse, we scrutinize every line item to ensure that our clients aren’t being overcharged on their utility bills.  One newer charge we have been tracking has been Global Adjustment (GA).  GA is a line item charge added to the electric bills of all Ontario businesses since 2011.  Most owners don’t know what the charge is for, but they do know that it has doubled their monthly electrical bill.  Global Adjustment spiked as of May 2019, and has remained high since that point (peak of 0.178 in October 2019).  Below is an actual bill from one of our clients.

Global Adjustment Impact

Global Adjustment on bills add a lot to the bills of Ontario business owners. Lessening the Global Adjustment amount would benefit Ontario businesses.

The takeaway is the impact GA has on your bill: GA accounts for 54% of the total cost.  Actual electricity consumption accounts for 13.6% of the total cost.

How can businesses shed the GA?  Answers in Part 2.